This sitemap documents the previous site structure and reflects all the pages that were redesigned. I created this document as a tool for the whole team, producers, design, and tech, to understand the scope of the project. 
Wireframes of Homepage 
The goals of the homepage were to simplify the page to focus the user. I made many wireframes to explore different ways to pair images and highlights.
Homepage – pre- and post- redesign 
The previous version of the homepage included a blog index and highlights to features that were out of date. In user testing we found that kids were only clicking on buttons in the nav or on one of the three highlight thumbnails. For the redesign we decided to bring more visibility to the things that were working on the page. We made the nav bigger and bolder and simplified the main area of the page. 
Share Page – pre- and post- redesign 
When we tested the original share page, we found that kids were confused about what to do. They didn't understand the team challenge. And because a lot of them don't scroll, they didn't see the main content of this page- the idea and drawing gallery. To improve this page we condesnsed they team challenge in to a single fun image highlight. We also added a callout to the drawing gallery high up on the page. We took out anything on the page that took away from our main goal of encouraging kids to share ideas and drawings. 
Team Challenge – pre- and post- redesign 
The team challenge is one of the main features of the site, but in testing we found that users were confused about what they were expected to do. We simplified the page in hopes of making the experience easier for the users. 

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