Nature Changer

This is a web game for 6-8 year olds. It a side-scroller that teaches kids about 30 different animals. The game also has a customization feature. Kids can adjust major game elements for all 30 levels.

Main Menu
This game features 30 different levels. Since the user gets to set the difficulty of each level themselves, we decided to let the user play any level from the beginning, rather than locking some of them. 

Mechanic Sketches
As a team we knew that we wanted the game to showcase a variety of intuitive single-touch gestures. I took the lead on thinking about, and visualizing, a variety of ideas. I focused on how a broad variety mechanics would pair with different animal behaviors. 
UX Flow
This is one of many iterations of the flow I created for this game. The flow helps uncover questions for me to bring to the team. It's also a guide for the developers. 
Customization Comps
I focused on simple choices and touch-friendly UI. There were many options that could be presented for customization, but after user-testing a customization prototype we decided that fewer, more impactful choices, were best. 
Game Play Comps
Here's a selection of what the game looks like while the users is playing the game they customized. 

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