Plum's Photo Hunt App

Plum's photo hunt is a nature scavenger hunt app for kids. The goal of the app is to get kids outside, interacting with and enjoying nature. Plum, the app's purple alien host, sends kids on missions to find things in nature like the weather, plants, shadows and bugs. Kids can write about what they found and send pictures in to be featured on our website.

User Testing 
Not even winter could stop us from testing our app! We took a proto of the app out to a local school to observe how kids would respond. Our findings help to inform the final design of the app. 
UX Flow / Wireframes
I created this document to walk through the flow of the app. Documents like these are very important for the whole team to make decisions about the game. Making flows helps to uncover points in the experience that are not yet defined. 
Final Screens
This is a selection of final screens of the app. I created a new look and feel for this app from the brand's primary design system. 

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