The Ruff Ruffman Show is a new brand teaching science and engineering concepts to 4-8 year olds. I am the lead designer, focusing on running brainstorms and designing for prototypes.
Over the past six months I've researched and used a broad variety of brainstorm methods. I have lead over a dozen brainstorms with a wide variety of participants ranging from interns to executive producers.
Preparation is key for a successful brainstorm 
Rapid Prototyping 
These images reflect the major components of one prototype cycle: sketch, wireframe, prototype. After the idea has been surfaced at brainstorm, we discuss the idea, I start initial design ideas while the developer starts a functional prototype.
More prototypes including photo app, Blockly kitchen coding and interactive comic book. I worked in coordination with one other designer on various levels of ideation, wireframing, comping and asset delivery. 
User Testing
For this project we visited a local school weekly for user testing. We tested everything from static show designs, very though-out prototypes, and competitor products. 
Seeing a variety of different kids try the app is very important as we're iterating. 
Kids testing field games that teach material science.

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